the west coast
westwood hills, california
july 2018
welcome to the west coast
we are a real life rp located in the fictional coastal city of Westwood Hills. we have no word count, a shipper app and we are jcink premium. we are 100% dedicated in making this community last. if you're looking for a place with active admins and loyal members then we're the site for you! before you join be sure to read our rules and sign up with first & last name in all lowercase.
03/02: happy ONE YEAR!!! ♡
12/14: new skin! happy holidays! ♡
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skyline the staff♡ Jan 1 2018, 06:18 AM
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welcome to the west coast! You'll find all you need to know about the site here before you get started. If you have any questions or clarifications, go right ahead and PM an admin about your concern or ask away in the cbox! We look forward to having you with us!
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We'll be posting any and all site announcements and events here. Be sure to check this out frequently for any updates so you are in the know of what's latest on the West Coast!
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Whatever you need done to your account can be found here along with Away Messages and Graphics Shop. Please be sure to read the guidelines on every thread.
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The shipper apps can be found here! Make sure you post your application in the correct sub-forum, and bump it once completed or corrected. If an admin doesn't get to your account within a few hours please send us a PM! Please read over our app guidelines to keep from being sent to pending.
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Once you've been accepted you will have 24 hours to claim otherwise your face claim will be up for grabs. Job claims and member directory are both required to be filled out before you can begin plotting/rping.
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All approved apps can be found here and are arranged according to member groups. Please use the provided shipper reply code when replying to shipper posts, and remember to reply on the other character's shipper not your own! Lastly, no combining plot posts! Please post on each character account when replying.
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This forum is guest-friendly! You can find all character want ads here. Please bump your ad every 5 days. Inactive ads will be archived after 10 days of inactivity.
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if you wanna say hi, talk about a random topic, or maybe introduce yourself, this is the place to go for that! character games are also available if you just feel like doing something in between your thread replies. feel free to start up a game in the games forum too. the more the merrier!
The Zyver Region A Trainer 57 minutes ago
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we accept all forum hosts.

if you alphabetize your ads, only allow one post or require sign ups do not post here!
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welcome to the west coast, colton boone!
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